Now live! Public, free –

This is a freshly setup mirror for based on the MusicBrainz VM.

I have been using the MusicBrainz Webservice in one of my project for years and was sick and tired of the rate limitations I hit on the official server. Now that the MusicBrainz VM is finally running on my own system, there are a lot of spare resources that I would like to give to the public.

To access the actual server you can use

Please be aware that it is still in a testing stage. If you use this server, you will have to expect random downtimes, slow responses and unpredictable errors. Be warned!

If the demand is too high, I might be able to added additional resources. Let’s see how it turns out.

If you already want to give a thanks, do not hesitate to show your appriciation with a little donation. 🙂