Some News About Musicbrainz-Mirror

Hey People!

Almost a year after my initial post in 2014 I wanted to talk to you about some things that have happened since back then. =)

First, I want to apologize for all the downtime lately. It has been necessary  to update the server to the newest MusicBrainz VM released on 2015-08-06 and to put a loadbalancer in action.

Yes, you heard right! Now a loadbalancer splits the traffic evenly among two individual mirrors, which should increase the availability and response times allot.

As you guys also care about the data beeing up-to-date, the servers are setup to automatically reindex the database, taking turns on a daily basis. This way there always should be at least the power of one server available at your service while the other one is updated.

How to get your search done you ask? Just use as always.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the people who did send me delivered food and beer by using the “Chip-In” button on the right hand side of this page. You helped me through all those hours of headache setting everything up! Highly appreciated! 😉



Now live! Public, free –

This is a freshly setup mirror for based on the MusicBrainz VM.

I have been using the MusicBrainz Webservice in one of my project for years and was sick and tired of the rate limitations I hit on the official server. Now that the MusicBrainz VM is finally running on my own system, there are a lot of spare resources that I would like to give to the public.

To access the actual server you can use

Please be aware that it is still in a testing stage. If you use this server, you will have to expect random downtimes, slow responses and unpredictable errors. Be warned!

If the demand is too high, I might be able to added additional resources. Let’s see how it turns out.

If you already want to give a thanks, do not hesitate to show your appriciation with a little donation. 🙂



Free Public MusicBrainz Mirror